Automotive A/V Services


Mobile Stereo

Looking for an upgrade for that factory stereo speaker? Or maybe you just need a system that works?

We’ve got you covered. We have a complete selection of brand name car stereo equipment, the solution to your audio dilemma. We couple our selection with professional installation, so you’ll be ready to tune in to your favorites in no time.

Our pride is in offering you the best there is. No pressure, though; our audio system showroom gives you the space and luxury to see what’s available for you and your car.


Auto Security

Your pride and joy, whether it’s a Mercedes, Corvette, or a Porsche (you get the idea), gives you the freedom and class you deserve. Unfortunately, chances are that somebody else might be coveting your privilege.

We’ve got the state-of-the-art security system to protect your investment. We even offer remote door locks, window roll-up, remote start, and garage door openers for your convenience, leaving you to simply enjoy the ride.


Mobile Video

Creating the thrill of the radio’s invention all over again, mobile video is the best vehicle accessory since we first started tuning the FM dial. Whether you drive an SUV, minivan, full size van, or standard passenger car, we can equip you with a full, mobile entertainment center.

With movies and video games to occupy their time, the age old family question “Are we there yet?” will be a thing of the past.


Navigation Systems

For the efficient traveler or the driver just looking to put fun back into the journey, Our Navigation Systems are the ticket to your destination.

Our Auto Navigation system provides vital support for your travels. Not only will you have detailed routing maps at your fingertips, but you’ll also be guided by satellite technology and built-in tracking sensors that compare your location with digital map data.


Electronics Repairs

We repair all brands of Car and Marine Audio/Video products.

Our qualified technicians have a combined 60 years of experience in the field.

All work is guaranteed and carries a 90 day parts and labour warranty.


Bluetooth Hands Free & Audio

Any Cellular Phone retailer can sell you a phone, but you and your vehicle deserve better (and safer). Our Experts can introduce you the best Hands Free option for your car. Our device offers voice dialing or recalling of phone numbers from your phone’s memory. It’s a simple, inconspicuous installation, a combination of safety and elegance.

Some of our models route music from your phone through the car speakers. Come in for a visit, and let us show you the ease and simplicity of the system.