Marine A/V Services


Electronics Repairs

We repair all brands of Marine Audio/Video products.

Our qualified technicians have a combined 60 years of experience in the field.

All work is guaranteed and carries a 90 day parts and labour warranty.


Lighting Control

Creating the perfect mood on any yacht is essential, and lighting is the crucial ingredient. Accent lighting, floor lamps, sconces, under cabinet, high hats, and architectural lights all play a critical role in the décor and design of your yacht.

Change lighting levels for the comfort, convenience, and ambiance for every guest and every occasion without the hassle of adjusting every knob, dimmer, and switch. Control your lighting by group or individual fixture from an attractive keypad or a modern touchpanel. Activate preset moods, from “dinner party” to “good night” to “cleaning” (however you like it), with one press of a button.


Media Rooms

With one touch of a button, you can convert your sky lounge, main salon, or MSR into your own personal movie theater. Through years of experience in combining media technology with décor and room functionality, our designers know how to seamlessly integrate the latest in entertainment technology into your yacht.

Hide a flat screen behind motorized, moveable artwork. Watch a projector emerge from concealment in the ceiling while a motorized screen descends from tasteful cabinetry. Experience extraordinary surround sound from discreet speaker locations. Effortlessly create the ultimate entertainment environment without sacrificing your aesthetic tastes.


Surveillance and Security

In today’s world, security and state-of-the-art surveillance are essential. Why take a chance with anything less than the best for your investment when the wealth and power of a yacht provide such a large target? We offer FLIR FULL HD Night Vision, high mega pixel CCTV camera’s, Biometric finger print readers, IP based access control, streaming IP Camera feeds and DVR’s. Through customizing our technology in an uncompromising blend with your yacht’s aesthetics, we take your security, safety, and sense of style very seriously.